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A Life Steered – by Bertha Mukodzani

The book ‘A life steered’ chronicles a life story about Sandra, a young ambitious girl, filled with the dream and ardour to be successful. Sandra grows up emulating her ambitious father who understands the value of education, unfortunately, is also dealing with his own demons. She is determined to please him but her hopes and dreams are shattered when her father fails to honour his word to support her to get into higher education. Sandra eventually accepts this reality but suspects a member of the family may have had something to do with it. When her father resigns from his job shortly afterwards, he makes it clear that Sandra has to shoulder the family responsibilities. It’s an onerous task but Sandra takes all this in her stride.

Later, Sandra falls in love and for a while life seems enjoyable. But just like all other things in her life, the relationship doesn’t last. She later meets and marries Maxwell, who is more mature than she is. It is not ‘love at first sight’ for Sandra, but she soon discovers he is ‘Mr Right’ after all. At last Sandra’s life seems fulfilled as her husband encourages her to follow her dreams. But little does she realise that tragedy is waiting around the corner.

The sequence of events is such that Sandra’s life proves to be a battleground. She struggles to make the most of what life has thrown at her doorstep. Her life is full of uncertainty. Sandra is convinced that the life she had envisioned is being steered towards a different direction. Will Sandra ever find peace, happiness and achieve her dreams? Only time will tell.

A life steered is a story which most African girls can identify with. And for those who haven’t experienced life in Africa, they will get a feel of what it is like to grow up in Zimbabwe as the story exposes the African culture like you’ve never seen it before.

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Through Barbed Wire – Kindle Ebook

It is a generally accepted notion that our life’s experiences are our biggest resource from which to draw knowledge, appreciation and understanding. I am forever learning from my interaction with the world around me. The things I see, feel, touch, smell and hear.

There are times when we have to break down doors, jump through hoops and crawl over rough surfaces to get to a place of peace and beauty. I’ve had words spoken to me, experienced joy and sadness, been hurt, disappointed, discouraged and felt despair. And, there have been times when I have felt very scared and unsure of myself. At times, I’ve had to question my motives for doing and being. I’ve had to dig deep into my feelings and thoughts, and at times my head has swirled for some answers and solutions when life had failed to make sense. But, the good news is that all this has not been in vain. I’ve learnt, grown, developed resilience, courage, fine-tuned my character as well as developed creativity as a result of what I have experienced.

I’ve also found myself thirsting for more understanding of this world and how it works. Therefore, it is my sincere hope that you will find pleasure and encouragement from my reflections of what life has taught me thus far.

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