Welcome to my little blog section. In this section, I like to keep things casual. This is the place to unwind and just be the real me. I discuss what comes to mind, what is deep within my heart, anything and everything. Well, maybe not all that deep and not everything and anything as I avoid certain subjects like the plague!

You will also find that I dwell on real life issues. Issues pertaining to growth, health, personal development, love, that kind of thing. That is what interests me. I will even throw in tidbits about me from time to time. I like to look at what is going on around me, learn from what I see, feel, touch and experience. I believe that my experiences are my biggest resource from which to draw knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, strength and understanding. No fiction, just life. DSC_0014Most of my writings, you will find, are emotionally driven. Well, what can I say, that can’t be helped. Maybe, that’s how God made me. Blogging for me is a way of releasing, a form of healing as with most writings, a way to reflect and just be myself. You may even get to chuckle as you read my blogs. Why not? Besides inspiring, educating and motivating, I write to entertain.

So, I hope you will feel free to contribute by adding your own experiences in the comments section as I also want to learn from you.

Take care now!.